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Broadmeadow Runs is back, after over 2 years of no events. First ones planned are for a return to Aston Subedge for Saturday 3rd August & Saturday 28th September, 2019. There are further events planned for the Winter months, when numbers partaking have always been greater; particularly the Valentines events of 2014 & 2015.

Because of health reasons, I called it a day, but did leave the door open to reforming. This process is now going ahead, albeit on a smaller basis. Finisher awards will differ and the prize structure will be altered. Loyalty will be rewarded and multi entries from smaller local clubs will benefit with price reductions.

Plastic will be eliminated as much as possible, although current stocks will be used up. If re-cycle able, then this will be used, but there will be minimal bottled water; tap is fine. Gels will not be encouraged, but local food will be. The intention is to cope for all, from Vegans to Carnivores, using as much local produce as possible. In the past, food has always been supplied after the events. This will not be the case in the future. Majority, if not all food after events must be paid for, along with drinks; water excepted.

One thing that will not change is that these events will always be for those who enjoy the day. Quicker runners are always welcome of course, but the routes are not planned for quick times. Marathons will nearly all be around the 26.5 miles marker, and the halfs…let’s say 13.5 or so. Loop events will have approximate distances stated. Informality is still key, but safety of all will still prevail above all else.

Maps will be very helpful, and route maps will be available. Printed route instructions will be necessary, as I intend to reduce the amount of signage. COMMON SENSE is a MUST.

Loyalty to SUMMER events will be rewarded to those taking part in the WINTER events; expect a partial refund, if entering early.

Expect mud, hills and...


Broadmeadow Runs