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16:07 22/03/2019 Leagar Events

Broadmeadow Runs is back! Entries available for the 2 dates at Aston Subedge. At present, by entry form only!

Forthcoming Events

Saturday 03rd August 2019 TRA Permit No.2626 in TRA Process

Saturday 28th September 2019 TRA Permit No.2628 in TRA Process

Both to start and finish in Aston Subedge. HQ the Social Club.

Permit applied for. Reference numbers 2626 August. 2628 September.

Marathon & 8.5 Miles single & double loops events.

November 30th & December 1st Double events. Church Lench Lakes based.

February/March 2020. Charity event at Lenches Lakes.

Planned route is very local, multi loop for half marathon & 10km. 1st half of marathon on local tracks.

February Valentines events to take place on 29th February to allow Ladies to propose to the Gentlemen.

Leagar Events